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Mike Lyons Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultation Service
Global Development and Construction Co Pty Ltd

Tel: +61 2 6495 9122
Fax: +61 2 6495 9122
Email: mike @
Email: mike @

Mike Lyons
Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultant
National Architecture Director for Australia.

Our directors are the world's leading experts in the field of Maharishi Vastu architecture and Maharishi Vedic city planning.

Our advisory board are professionals who have implemented these principles in a wide variety of large scale projects, including award winning LEED platinum certified sustainable office buildings, communities and off the grid entirely self-sufficient educational facilities.

Maharishi University of Management

Registered Charity: Stichting Maharishi University of Management, KvK-nummer: 41068299

European Office: Station 24, 6063 NP Roerdalen, The Netherlands

USA Office: 1680 Highway One, Suite #2600, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Board of Directors

Chair: Eike Hartmann

Director for USA and Caribbean: Jon Lipman, AIA

Director for Central Europe and Africa: Christian Schweizer

Director for Eastern Europe and S.E. Asia: Wojtek Skalski

Director for Mediterranean and Latin America: Alberto Castano

Director for Great Britain: John Renwick

Director for New Zealand and Oceania: Neil Hamill

Director for Australia: Mike Lyons

Director for Global Survey: Roger Audet

International Advisory Board

Prof. Lonnie Gamble, Professor, MUM-Department of Sustainable Living

John Collins, Chair, MUM-Department of Sustainable Living

Jeffrey Abramson, Director, The Tower Companies, USA

The Honorable Robert G Wynne, Mayor, Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA

The Honorable Ed Malloy, Mayor, City of Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Doug Greenfield, Developer, Greenfield Properties, USA

Amy Greenfield, Ideal Energy Inc., USA

Richard Bialosky, AIA, Mandala Development Group, USA

Nancy Walker, Vastu Design & Construction, Inc., USA

Michael Chelnov, RA Architect, USA

Carmen Quinton, Architect, Canada

Paul Jarvis, Property Consultant, Chartered Surveyor, Great Britain

Vadim Opeskine, Vado Group Developers, Great Britain and Russia

Janeta Viksne, Vozrozhdenie company, St. Petersburg, Russia

Micho Michanovich, AtmaStroy construction, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr.Yuriy Senyuk, Industrial Park International Ltd, Ukraine

Raja Vikram Aditya, RajaPark group, Developer, Thailand

Dr. Girish Varma, Heavenly Builders & Developers, New Delhi, India

Prof. Dr. Ayla Cevik, Mass Housing Expert, Turkey

Peter Swan, Institute of Vedic Organic Agriculture, Netherlands

Ger Lieve, Fortune-Creating Homes, Netherlands

Rolf Kiupel, Architect, Baubiology Expert, Eco-Building Energy Consultant, Germany

Sabine Rauscher, Architect, Germany

Herbert Groschup, ILA Bauen & Wohnen, Eco Builder, Germany

Associated Institutions

MUM Sustainable Living Department

MERU Institute of Vedic Garden Design

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture:

MVOA Institute:

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